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Second Annual Day of the Poet


The festival bringing focus, awareness, and celebration annually to the Poet who has provided a voice for the community, people, and cause throughout time.

 Details coming soon!

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A Poem Manifesto

Our Words United

We honor the wordsmith.
We commemorate creators.
We parade for emcees.
We shed competition and
shout each other’s names.
Behind a mic,
behind a pen,
within our dialogue
we are changemakers.
We are liberators
of lost thoughts
and reflections
of conjured dreams.

We are guides when stars
cannot pierce the clouds,
and we are light when suns
have exhausted their glow.

We are here.

And on this day,
we celebrate…

Day of the Poet:
Our words united.

©2019 Terone Allen, Day of the Poet, LLC

Our Directors

Denell Porche'

Denell Porche'

Community Relations Director

LadyVee DaPoet

LadyVee DaPoet

Programming Director

CEO Allen Pough

CEO Allen Pough

Production Director

Chi Chi Iwuorie

Chi Chi Iwuorie

Logistics Director

Terone Allen

Terone Allen

Marketing Director


Day of the Poet


Day of the Poet, a festival bringing together fellow poets from the Greater Atlanta area and the surrounding cities in Georgia and nationally.


To celebrate the poet, poetry and its many forms expressed through varied dialects, tongues, and creative expressions.


Bringing focus, awareness, and celebration annually to the Poet who has provided a voice for community, people, and cause throughout time.


The Second Annual Day of the Poet  will take place in Atlanta, Georgia. Location to be announced.

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How You Can Help

You love poetry, poets, and immersing yourself in all of its literary glory! Then you definitely don’t want to miss the opportunity to volunteer with us!

We will be sharing updates on how to become a volunteer soon.

Schedule of Events



Inaugural Day of the Poet

On April 20, 2019, over 150 total attendees descended upon three venues in East Atlanta Village for workshops, live performances, celebrations, and cake!

Stage 1: East Atlanta Branch Library

“Lyrics 180” Writing Workshop with Lauren Doriahna
Performance Workshop with Mista Funn
Youth Spoken Word Showcase Hosted by Kamiyah Heard
Performances by is0lated beauty, Hoodie Jayy, and Sinsear

Stage 2: Union EAV

Hosted by LadyVee DaPoet
Spoken Word Performances by Muva TheCreator, Harold Outley, Sky3 Hi​, Nikki Gray, 22Wolf, VERB Williams. Ascended Breath, and the Art Amok Slam Team

Stage 3: iLounge ATL

Hosted by Nikki Gray
Live Music Performances by Adán Bean, Ke Turner, and JRenee